Craft High Converting Landing Page Copy

Is your landing page failing to bring you the results you want? Is it costing you more money in ads than it’s bringing in? If you answered ‘yes!’ to all of the above, it’s time to take a deep dive into your landing page copy. 

Your copy can make the difference between a highly converting landing page and a campaign that resembles a money vacuum. With these 5 actionable tips, you’ll learn how to craft better landing page copy with strategy and clarity and improve your sales copy for your next campaign or launch.

So, if you’re ready to turn your copy into a money magnet powerhouse, then keep reading. Because, my friend, this post is going to take your landing page to the next level.

Know Your Audience

Your landing page has one primary objective: to drive sales or capture leads. But, in order to create a sale, you must first provide something of value. Because, after all, people buy what they actually want and need. They don’t make a purchase if they believe it has little to no value.

So, in order to create a sales-worthy offer and a landing page that drives conversions, you’ll need to know your audience. And know them well.

If you have a landing page or an offer, you’ve likely conducted some target research. You know your audience is struggling with X, so you’ve provided them with Y, which will help them achieve Z.


If you’re scratching your head at this point, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. Because your copy could kick some major ass, but if your offer doesn’t provide tangible and in-demand value to your ideal customer, your landing page won’t drive effective results — no matter what your copy says.

Also, throughout your landing page copy, you need to speak in the language of your audience. So, in your target research, pay attention to what phrases they use and what interests they have. And adopt that tone and language throughout your sales copy on your landing page.

If you need a bit more insight into finding your ideal customer, check out this past post. It walks through how to conduct target research and how to find your ideal client.

Speak to Your Ideal Customer’s Pain Points

In this post by Ashley Chymiy from Hello Happen, she discusses meeting your ideal customer where they’re at on their journey. And, in essence, this tip requires you to speak to your audience’s pain points.

So, what are they struggling with right now, at this moment? For instance, imagine you’re a health coach and you’ve noticed that your audience struggles with staying healthy during the cold winter months. And you’ve already created a checklist and video series for at-home workouts.

Now, in your copy, you must address this struggle head on. Perhaps you write something like this: “do your pants feel a tad too small once those cold winter months hit? Or do you struggle to create a consistent workout plan during winter? Well, I’ve created a 5-part video series to make sure you stay fit all winter long.”

In this quick example, you address the problem they face and how you can help them overcome their struggle. In the remainder of your copy, you’ll keep this theme alive. You’ll continue to accurately and directly highlight their struggles and tell your visitor EXACTLY how your valuable offer will help them overcome this hurdle.

Keep Your Landing Page Copy Brief & Concise

In the land of writing, clarity is everything. And this universal rule applies to your landing page copy. Make sure your copy is clear, concise, and brief.

Your ideal customer doesn’t need your full story. They don’t need to know what high school you went to or what your cat’s name is or how old your grandma is. What they do need to know is how you can directly help them with whatever challenge they’re facing on their current journey.

So, create a first draft of your copy. Then create a second. And from there, create a third. In each draft, cut your word count down. Chances are there’s information that you can omit that’s not entirely relevant to your offer.

With each line of copy you write ask yourself this: do these words support & drive action to your primary conversion? If your answer is ‘I don’t know,’ remove the copy or improve it. And, of course, if your answer is ‘no,’ then delete it ASAP.

Your words have power. But if there’s too much fluff interspersed within your copy, those words start to lose their power. They get swept up in unclear, unaligned messaging. And, in turn, your landing page conversions will suffer.

So take the time building your landing page copy. And continue to tweak and improve it until it’s polished, refined, and a perfect embodiment of your offer.

Ensure Your Landing Page Copy is Scannable

Very, very few people read each and every line of your landing page. In fact, people are so busy and distracted that they scan your entire copy and only spend about 15 seconds or less on your page.


That means, you have 15 seconds to tell your visitor why they need your offer. And, if you have blocks and blocks of text they have to read, chances are they’re going to move on.

So, when crafting the copy on your landing page, make sure to include bulleted lists, icon boxes, titles, and short, concise sentences. The easier your page is to scan, the more conversions you’ll spark.

To test the scannability of your page, ask a few unbiased friends or family to complete a 15 second scan of your landing page. And ask them what your offer is and how it can help them. If they give you the correct information and feel inclined to sign up, purchase, or subscribe, then your copy is easy to scan.

However, if they’re confused or don’t understand how your offer can help them, then it’s time to break up your text. Also, it’s likely time to improve the clarity of your message as well.

You can also run beta tests of your landing page to your audience and send a survey to gather their responses. This step will also help you craft a better message and speak more directly to the wants and needs of your ideal client.

Craft a Killer Call to Action

All landing pages need a strong call to action. You need to tell your visitors exactly what action they need to take next.

Typically, landing pages have a short form at the top and bottom of the page. This format will ensure the scanners have a place to leave their information once they reach the bottom.

So, to return to our earlier example, the health coach crafted her copy. She completed several revisions, received input from her audience, and created a clear and concise message that’s easy to read and scan. But now she has to craft a killer call to action.

First, she wants to consider what action her visitor needs to take. In this case, it’s to subscribe to her newsletter. So she knows, all she needs to ask for is the visitor’s first name and email address.

*** As a quick note, always remember that the more information you request, the less likely a visitor will fill out your form. So make sure you keep your form short, quick, and with autofill functionality.

But simply writing subscribe in her button sounds boring. Right? So, she goes back to the drawing board and thinks. What does my offer provide? And how will it help my new client? Then she crafts this call to action: “I’m Ready To Stay Fit This Winter”

In your CTA, you want to reaffirm the benefit your client or new subscriber is gaining from leaving their information. That way, they know exactly why their purchasing or signing up for your offer.

Did you find these tips helpful?

After reading this post, do you feel more confident and energized to craft action-inspiring copy for your landing page? If so, I’m giving you a virtual pat on the shoulder. Because you just took another step in increasing the sales on your next launch.

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10 Responses

  1. I have been putting off creating a landing page for a couple of months now because for some reason I have seen it as a daunting task. Although, this post helped me a lot to understand what to have on it and keep it concise. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Landing pages are one of the BEST ways to increase your lead generation. And I couldn’t recommend them more. I’m glad these copy tips helped! ✨

  2. This is a great post with great ideas! I always change my landing pages and see if they convert better. thanks for the info.

  3. This is great advice – especially the idea of making sure that it’s scannable. That’s one that I think most posts like this offering advice overlook. If I click through a link and get a landing page that’s a bunch of text with no breaks or highlights to make it scannable, I’m likely just going to close it and move on. I need to be able to scan it quickly and decide if it’s worth my time or not. After all, your potential clients’ time is valuable!

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