Designing a Website Your Ideal Customer Will LOVE

Your website matters, ESPECIALLY if you have an online business. It’s often one of the first places of contact your customer has with your brand. And if your website’s design doesn’t connect with your customer and inspire them to take action, you WILL lose valuable sales and leads.

According to Sweor, it takes visitors only 0.05 seconds to create an opinion about your website. ? So you have VERY little time to make a solid first impression. That’s why, every detail on your website should serve a purpose AND take your ideal customer through a compelling journey.

If you’re shifting in your seat, wondering where in the world to start, you’re in the right place. Because after reading this post, you’ll have the EXACT web design tips to create a website that your ideal customer will LOVE. And, once your ideal customer truly connects with your design, they’ll be EXCITED to buy your products and book your services.

No more crickets in your inbox. And no more dust settling on your virtual shelves.

This post may contain affiliate links. We’ve tried and tested all product and software we promote. And we LOVE each and every one!

#1 Deeply understand who your ideal customer is

When we first started our business, we tried to appeal to everyone. We thought that by designing a website that would connect with ANY business, we’d have more leads, make more money, and grow faster.

Sound familiar?

This was a HUGE mistake. Yes, we got leads. But we weren’t serving the people that connected with us most. And we ran into all types of problems — from difficult clients, to missed payments, and to burnout.

So before you design your website, niche down. Discover who you truly want and are meant to serve. And build your website with that ideal customer in mind.

Wondering where to start? I have a blog post all about researching and finding your ideal customer. Also, I have another post that walks you through how to build your ideal customer avatar.

But, if you want the quick cliff notes version, here ya go:

  1. Research: Use social media, reviews, and competitors to research and uncover valuable information about your ideal customer (what they’re struggling with, what there demographics are, and what they like/dislike)

  2. Send surveys to your past customers: there’s truly nothing more valuable than the information your past customers can give you about your ideal customer. I use HoneyBook’s questionnaire feature to send out ALL of my surveys. If you want to try HoneyBook for 20% OFF, click here.

  3. Create Instagram polls: this is still my all-time favorite way to learn more about my ideal customer AND audience. Not only does it improve engagement rates, but it also offers valuable insights into your potential customers.

Understanding your ideal customer is one of the MOST important steps you’ll take to building a higher converting website and online presence.

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#2 Take your ideal customer through a journey they’ll connect with

The best websites tell a story. And when you’re designing a website, your story should help your ideal customer understand why you’re their SOLUTION.

If you’re scratching your head, here’s a roadmap that I use everytime I design a website or theme:

  1. Start with your ideal customer’s struggles: Identify what your ideal customer is struggling with. The more narrowed down and clear you can be, the better results you’ll achieve. You could present this in a list, such as . . . “if you’ve been struggling with:” and then follow with a list of their pain points.

  2. Tell them why you’re their BEST solution: Get honest and authentic with your visitors, and show them the REAL you. Show them your journey and how you’ve walked in their shoes.

  3. Show them the results they could achieve: Include testimonials and case studies that CLEARLY show your ideal customer what they could achieve if they purchase your product or book your service. Quick tip: before and after pictures are the best way to present any transformations!

I highly suggest that before you start designing a website, you take the time to sketch out or build a framework or structure. That way, you can more easily lay out the narrative and story you wish to present in your design. I talk about this in more detail in this past post on my web design process.

boho instagram highlight icons

#3 Be super-intentional with your visual branding

Girl, I’ve said this so many times, but it’s worth repeating: your business is ONLY as strong as your brand.

And the more intentional you are with the visual branding components of your website, the better results you’ll have. Because when your ideal customer connects with your design, they’ll feel more inspired to take action.

Here’s what I mean by visual branding components:

  1. Colors: Before designing a website it’s SOOO important to first choose your color palette. And when you’re picking your colors, keep your ideal customer in mind, and select colors and tones that best represent their personality and interests.

  2. Fonts: Fonts can say a lot about your brand. So it’s important to choose them wisely. For instance, our ideal customer is a female entrepreneur. In turn, we chose a serif typeface and a decorative script font for our website and brand. Need help creating a font pairing for your site? Head to our contact page and fill out the quick form!

  3. Graphics: Even your graphics can say something about your brand. When you’re designing a website, be selective about which graphics you’re using (this could include icons, illustrations, infographics, and more). Each graphic should be consistent with your design and should ADD to the story your design creates.

  4. Show your face: When your visitors see the face behind your brand, they are more likely to trust AND connect with your offer. In fact, according to Oberlo, 81% of consumers agree that they need to first trust a brand before they buy from them.

Before designing a website, I recommend first starting with a brand board. If you want some inspiration on what brand boards look like, you can follow my Pinterest board (which, I promise, is VERY pretty).

#4 Give your visitors a way to connect with you further

Most consumers will interact with your brand 7 TIMES before they make a purchase or convert. And the chance of that very same person landing on your website that many times is slim . . . unless you’re investing a TON into paid marketing.

So by giving them a way to connect with you further, you can get your content, promotions, and offers in front of them without them having to navigate to your website.

Here are a few methods:

  1. An email subscription form or pop up: It’s not secret — most sales happen in inboxes. So when you’re designing a website make sure you include an email subscription form AND a lead magnet your ideal customer wants and needs. I also recommend placing a short form in the footer of your website, so it’s visible on every page.

    If you’re struggling with the tech behind email marketing, I have your perfect solution! Flodesk takes the stress and complications out of email marketing. They have a user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and AMAZING support. Get 50% off your first year of Flodesk.

  2. An Instagram feed: We get the vast majority of our leads from Instagram alone. It’s an incredible tool for connecting with your audience, selling your products and services, and creating a deeper relationship with your ideal customer.

  1. Your blog, resources, or other learning tools: What better way to showcase your expertise than providing value-packed and informative content? Invite your visitors to join your Facebook group, to download your course, or to opt-in for your other free or paid resources.

In the past few years, marketing has shifted. Gone are the inauthentic marketing techniques. And in its place we see marketing that INSPIRES customers.

So offer your ideal customer value first. Then when you pitch your sale, not only do they trust you’re the right fit for them, but they’ve already received first-hand experience with you AND your brand.

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Ready to design a website that your ideal customer will love?

My friend, I’m giving you the biggest virtual pat on the back. Because you took the first step in designing a website that your ideal customer will love (and buy from!).

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