5 Essential Tips on How to Find Your Ideal Client

Your business does not serve everyone. Your unique skills, talents, and insights are designed to serve a select audience. In this post, I’m sharing 5 essential strategies on how to find your ideal client or customer.

Once you know and speak directly to your ICA (ideal customer avatar), you’ll generate more leads, find more connections, and grow your audience and reach. So, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready for some major insights.

1) Make 4-5 Profiles of Your Ideal Client

Chances are, you already know quite a bit about your ideal client. Because you created a business that solves a problem and alleviates an anxiety. Right?

So what is that problem? What is the pain point you’re aiming to solve?

At this stage, brainstorming is your new BFF. So carve out a good hour, and make a few profiles based on what you already know about your ideal client. Once you have a healthy list, you can move on to the next tips and adjust as needed.

Essentially, these profiles will give you a good starting place where you can further investigate your ICA.

Here are a couple questions to get you on the right track:

  • What problem(s) is your ideal client facing?
  • What is their role in this problem? Are they directly affected?
  • What task do they face to solve this problem? For example, this step may include researching companies in their area.
  • What is their conversion path? How do they get from discovering their problem to solving their problem?

Try to create about 4 different scenarios that answer the above questions. Once you finish, you’ll discover some valuable information about your ICA. Then, you can use this pre-existing knowledge to help you take the next steps.

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2) Leverage Your Social Media to Find and Connect with Your Ideal Client

Social media is a powerful tool for ANY business, regardless of the industry. And although it can be a tad frustrating at times, it’s a marketing strategy that deserves your attention.

If using social media for market research is completely foreign to you, I highly recommend you listen to Jasmine Star’s podcast episode 83, ‘How to Find Your Dream Customer on Social Media.’ She goes over in amazing detail how to find your ideal client using Instagram.

Also, for more insight, check out this past post on writing killer copy. I go over finding your ideal client and crafting copy that resonates with your target audience.

Essentially, social media — especially Instagram and Pinterest — gives you a solid glance into the interests, behaviours, and desires of your ideal client. Here’s a couple things to take special note of:

  • What is their tone and language like? Do they use particular slang? Are they conversational?
  • Are they married? Do they have kids? Are they of a certain age or income bracket?
  • What type of imagery are they attracted to? Do they prefer a certain style or color?

Ideally, this list can include anything that relates to your ideal client. However, the most important facet of this research is to look for similarities and trends.

Once you have a strong grasp on these aspects of your ideal client, crafting your message is much easier and much more effective.

3) Research Reviews to Understand Your Ideal Client

Researching reviews is a great strategy for stepping into the mind of your ideal client or customer. Look through your Google, social media, and Amazon reviews. And, in addition, do the same for your competitors.

Are their any similarities between the likes and dislikes of your ideal client?

Also, take note of these trends:

  • Is there a particular reason they like or dislike your product/service?
  • What are they saying about your competitors? Why do they like/dislike their product/service?
  • What do they expect from your business or your competitor’s business? And did you or your competition meet their expectations? Why or why not?

Just a quick note: whenever you research reviews, always practice a level of critical thinking. If the review seems overly vexing, chances are it’s not particularly valuable. In contrast, if a review seems overly inflated, it might not offer an accurate reading of your ICA.

But those in-between reviews? Those are golden. They tell you the most about the interests, desires, and pain points of your ideal client.

4) Read Your Own Data to Learn More About Your Ideal Client

Knowing your numbers is essential for any business owner, blogger, or influencer. Software like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, and Pinterest Analytics gives you in-depth numbers on your audience. By paying close attention to your visitors’ behaviours, interests, and demographics, you can shape content to expand your reach and increase your engagement.

To truly leverage this data, look for certain trends. This strategy is particularly beneficial if you use Google Analytics. If you’ve already tried integrating Google Analytics but can’t seem to figure it out, head on over to our contact page and send us a quick note. We’d love to give you a hand!

If you’re struggling with figuring out how to find your ideal client, investigating your numbers is a great strategy. And it’s often overlooked. So try to complete a weekly audit of your engagement insights and website/landing page numbers.

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5) Trust Your Intuition

Your intuition is your strongest guide. Whenever you brainstorm, trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, listen to your inner voice. And allow your wisdom to steer the ship.

As you become more confident in your skills, voice, and brand, trusting your intuition will get easier. One practice that really helps me is daily journaling. As a writer, words are my preferred outlet for connecting with my higher self. However, for you, you may prefer your voice memo app or visualization.

Whatever option best fits your own growth, try to fit it into your daily routine. You’d be amazed how much it helps. 

Final Thoughts

Did this post help you? If so, comment below on the valuable insight you took away today? Also, don’t forget to share this post to spread all that wonderful knowledge!


Want to learn more about how to find your ideal client? Check out these super-valuable resources:

And, as always, we’d love to see you over on Instagram!

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