Start Dreaming & Start Doing: Top 10 Youtube Videos for Entrepreneurs, Side Hustlers, and Business Leaders

Need a Healthy Dose of Inspiration? Check Out My Top 10 Videos for Business Owners!

Paving your own path is not easy, and starting something from nothing takes sweat, guts, and tears. Every entrepreneur, every business leader, and every side hustler understands that.

But what if there were ways to make the terrain a bit smoother? What if there were tangible, inspiring steps you could take to stay optimistic, to remain productive, and to rise above failure?

Below, I’ve listed my top 10 youtube videos for entrepreneurs or anyone wishing to pave their own way

1. For Those Who Need to Learn How to Overcome Impatience

Brendon Burchard: “How to Have Patience Pursuing Your Dream” 

The journey of entrepreneurship is a long one. Trust me, I get it. But Brendon offers 4 steps you can take to bring more patience into your hustle. For anyone that feels their efforts, their dreams, or their work will never come to fruition, this video is for you.

“The dream lives in the activities you do today.” – Brendon Burchard

2) For Those Who Need to Learn How to Set Goals

TED Talk, featuring John Doerr: Why the Secret to Success is Setting the Right Goals

John Doerr’s TED Talk literally gave me goosebumps. He dives deep into learning the ‘why’, the ‘what’, and the ‘how’ behind your business, brand, or platform. This shorter video is jam-packed with huge takeaways.

Join the more than 430,000 other people who took 11 minutes out of their day to listen to John’s inspiring message. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

“A compelling sense of ‘why?’ can be the launchpad for your objectives.” – John Doerr

3) For the Female Entrepreneurs Looking to Rise Above Past Trauma

Ed Mylett: Living Fearless with Rachel Hollis

I’ve been following Rachel Hollis for a little over a year. And her no-nonsense, real, and, at time, humorous advice is a God send. In this interview with Ed Mylett, she discusses her past trauma and how it affected her career and business.

If you are a female entrepreneur, a woman hustler, or a girl boss in your right, you need to listen to Rachel’s message. She speaks on rising above struggles and letting go of other’s opinions.

“When someone goes through something hard, they  have this perception that it made them weak, [but], man, it made you strong” – Rachel Hollis

4) For Those Who Believe Their Dreams are too Big

Chase Jarvis: Jump into Fear with Jeremy Cowart

If you believe your dream is too big or if you think failure is an unapproachable enemy, then this inspiring interview is for you. Jeremy’s candid attitude and beautiful vulnerability is life-altering and career-defining.

As entrepreneurs, there’s always a next step. There’s always another struggle to conquer and another goal to chase. And sometimes – often times – that transition is terrifying.

But, as Jeremy suggests, why stress about failure when the journey lights your heart on fire?

“Screw it if it’s a failure. You’re still going to learn” – Jeremy Cowart

5) For Those Who Need to Improve Their Selling Techniques

Dean Graziosi: The Keys to Confidence and Powerful Persuasion 

Selling is hard. You don’t want to sound too salesy or appear too aggressive. You don’t want to fully and unapologetically put yourself out there and risk failure.

I get it; I really do.

But, if you’re an entrepreneur or aspiring business owner, you have to get comfortable with selling. And Dean’s business-changing advice is perfect for those still stuck in their selling shell.

Learn how to sell with enthusiasm but maintain your authenticity. And learn the power of persuasion and how it can drastically improve your business.

“If you don’t sell, if you don’t let the world know what you’re made of, no one will hear you” – Dean Graziosi

6) For Those Who Need to Rewire Their Brain for Success

Lewis Howes: Dr. Joe Dispenza – Transform Your Mind 

This video is jam-packed with revolutionary and research-driven ideas. Seriously, Dispenza’s message is literally life-changing. And, although this interview will speak to anyone, I do believe Dispenza’s findings have a special importance for entrepreneurs.

If you’re a business owner, you cannot afford to dwell in the past. You must stay focused on your goals.

Dispenza’s decades-worth of research and scientific studies reinforces the idea that our emotions and thoughts create our reality. I know, the whole manifestation message has been all over social media and splashed across book covers for the past few years.

But, listen here – it’s no coincidence that truly successful and happy entrepreneurs have driven and optimistic emotions.

I understand this video is a bit long, but it’s 100% worth every second.

“We’re all faced with great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

7) For Those Who Need Quick Advice on Targeting the Right Audience

Hubspot Academy: How to Reach Your Audience with Seth Godin

Have you ever launched a social media campaign and expected through-the-charts success? Have you ever refreshed your analytics button, praying for that golden lead.

We’ve all been there.

Navigating the marketing terrain is no easy feat, especially if you’re new to the arena – yes, that’s right, I’m mixing metaphors now.

But back to the point. Seth’s simple yet important advice gives you a short introduction into finding your target audience. Learn the differences between direct marketing and brand marketing. And learn the importance of being specific and clear about your ideal customer/client and what they want.

“It is impossible to be an effective marketer without practical empathy” – Seth Godin

8) For the Overworked Busy Beaver

Marie Forleo: ‘Do Less’ – Kate Northrop’s Unorthodox Advice for Ambitious Women 

Have you ever had one of those days filled with endless tasks, but, at the end of it, you felt unaccomplished and drained? Or have you ever had a season where you used work to hide from your life? For me, both these themes have been a reality one too many times.

If you answered ‘yes!’ to one of both of those questions, then this video should be at the very top of you to-watch list.

Kate discusses how to focus on the important tasks that fall directly into your strengths, and offers simple techniques to work less but do more. Her advice has forever changed the way I tackle my work.

“We have been raised to believe that the more we can do by ourselves, the more valuable we are as human beings” – Kate Northrup

9) For Those Who Need to Learn How to Overcome Fear

Dan Lok: How to Deal with Failure & the Fear of It

Failure is a cornerstone of success, especially for entrepreneurs. If you own a business or work in a place of leadership, chances are, somewhere along the winding road, you’ve failed. Somewhere along the way a pothole steered you into the ditch.

But think about all you have learned from those struggles.

This video is for anyone who allows the fear of failure to limit their success.

Quick heads up: there is frequent cussing in this video. So, if you’re around any little ones, make sure you put some headphones on before watching.

“[When] you think about the fear of failure, what it really is, is an illusion” – Dan Lok

10) For Those Who Need to Create a Morning Routine

Video Advice: Mel Robbins – Billionaires Do This for 10 Minutes Every Morning

For someone who holds their morning routine as sacred, Mel’s words resonated deeply with me. She discusses the importance of establishing a morning routine that works for you.

Think about it – if you’re rushing through your morning, scattered and rushed, how will the rest of your day feel? Will you be setting your day up for success? Or are you, from the moment you take your head from the pillow, creating an unorganized, messy day?

Mel gives incredible insight into creating a morning routine, narrowing down your big dream into actionable steps, and the importance of practicing consistent and effective visualization.

“How your morning starts determines how you day goes” – Mel Robbins

Never Stop Finding Inspiration

Hopefully, over whatever span of time that fits within your schedule, you had the opportunity to watch all ten of these videos. Yes, that’s right, I said ALL TEN.

And, I hope more than anything, you found value in each message and each nugget of wisdom.

But I encourage you not to stop there. Always have your eyes open for new inspiration and new slices of advice.

Also, if you have any videos that changed the trajectory of you business or mindset, please comment below with a link, and tell us why you loved it.

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